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Coach Robert C. Hamilton, CEO

Overcomers Coaching Services helps people from all walks of life Overcome the everyday challenges that prevent them from achieving their maximum potential while pursuing their goals and dreams. We coach people in Business and Life.  We coach entrepreneurs and business organizations seeking to maximize their business enterprises. We coach people seeking to maximize their personal lives. And, we coach players and coaches in the world of sports. We believe there is greatness within every human being and we will help you to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your greatness. 


Robert Hamilton has experienced an extraordinary 40 year career as a Sales and Marketing Executive with 7 fortune 100 companies and as a Head Basketball Coach on the High School and Collegiate level.

As a marketing executive at Reebok International, Mr. Hamilton spearheaded the worldwide marketing of NBA Hall of Fame inductee Shaquille O’Neal. Robert served as the basketball product manager for the $275 million worldwide basketball footwear division. Mr. Hamilton currently markets a variety of IUL and Annuity products for National Life Group as well as a host Medicare plans. 

Coach Hamilton had an exemplary career as a Head Basketball Coach at the high school level in the City of Boston, New York City and Miami Florida. Robert received the National Giant Steps “Coach of the Year” award from the Center for the Study of Sports In Society and three additional “Coach of the Year” awards while coaching at the high school level in Boston and New York City.

In addition, Coach Hamilton received a "Coach of the Year" award while coaching at Massachusetts College from the Massachusetts Athletic State College Athletic Association. In 2015, Coach Hamilton was inducted into the New England Basketball "Hall of Fame" as a Player and Coach.

Mr. Hamilton also served as an Ambassador for the Les Brown Institute and is certified as part of the Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team as a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Personal Development Coach. Click book now to schedule Sales training or Motivational Speaking engagements.

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